Agave, crassula, echeveria, haworthia, pachyphytum, sedeveria, sedum . . . in pinks, purples and all shades of green.

Starfish Flower Cactus

Native to South America, these plants are not actually cactus, but are part of the succulent family. The Latin name, Stapelia grandiflora, refers the large, pungent-smelling, star-shaped flowers that appear in summer.

Loofah or Luffa Gourds

Buy seeds, 1-2ft vines, or dried gourds. Learn more about growing this vigorous, drought-tolerant vine here.

Birdhouse Gourds

Buy seeds,1-2 foot live vines, or dried gourds. Finished gourds can be painted and used as musical maracas. Or drill a hole to make a natural birdhouse.

Air Plants

In the wild, these guys grow on rainforest trees. Steamy bathrooms and humid back porches are great places for them to live. If your air plants are living indoors, in a dry, air-conditioned office, classroom or dorm room, you will need to spray or mist them with water once a week. Take your air plant out of its shell, sea urchin, clay pot or terrarium before spraying it with water. Let it dry off a bit before putting it back.

Hanging Plant Holders

Handmade from jute, cotton or hemp twine. Assorted colors and sizes with and without shells.


Pothos varieties currently available: Golden, Marble Queen, Neon, Silver


Philodendron varieties currently available: Brasil, Heartleaf, Jade


Monstera varieties currently available: Adansonii

Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

Sansevieria (snake plant) varieties currently available: Black Gold, Solid Gold, Laurentii, Moonshine, Starfish, Zeylanica

Wax Plants (Hoya)

Hoya (wax plant) varieties currently available: Australis, Carnosa, Kerri, Krimson Queen,

Spider Plant

Arrowhead Vine

Peace Lily